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Connecting and Navigating

Getting people to the right place

We can help design a connection and navigation Service to connect people to the right place before any dispute-resolution process begins. Talk to us about how this could be incorporated into the design of your resolution scheme.

Connection and Navigation Service

People can feel lost in a system and not sure where to go or who to talk to. A connection and navigation service is something for you to consider incorporating into any resolution scheme.

These types of services are most effective if they operate across an entire dispute resolution system from an internal complaints process to an appeals process. This means that people can use the service whenever they are on their resolution journey.

A connection service empowers people to connect to the right part of an organisation or an independent resolution service.

A navigation service helps people to navigate a system obtain the services that they need.

Functions of a connection and navigation service

There are four core functions of a navigation service:

  1. Connecting with people and empowering them to resolve the dispute themselves.

  2. Connecting people to the right place internally within your organisation.

  3. Connecting people to the right organisations within the dispute resolution landscape.

  4. Helping people navigate processes by consensus.

A navigation service does not "represent" people or provide legal services. It can help people obtain information and understand the issues. Connectors and navigators can assist in some aspects of the process, but they have a different role from a peer-support person.

A connector's role means that they do not take any active role in processes but instead connect people. This is different from a navigator who might sometimes become involved in consensus-based resolution processes but will not become actively involved in any adjudication processes.

Which parts of the connection and navigation service are right for your scheme?

An external and independent connection and navigation service can help improve access to a dispute resolution scheme and improve transparency. Another option is that this function is developed internally within your organisation. Get in touch with us to discuss whether a connection and navigation service is right for your dispute resolution scheme.

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