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Listen – Decide

Our adjudication service

Listen – Decide is our established "branded" adjudication service. This is one of our two foundation dispute resolution service and was established in 2021 during the development of the Tertiary Eductaion Dispute Resolution Service. This service is delivered using a concilation model of dispute resolution practice by our team of practitioners. Other options for consensus based resolution include facilitation, negotiation and mediation.

Sometimes people cannot reach an agreement using Talk – Meet – Resolve. When this happens, we will appoint an independent person who has not been involved to listen to both sides so they understand the dispute and then determine the outcome.

We call this adjudication process Listen – Decide. It generally takes about 40 working days from the end of the Talk – Meet – Resolve to the complete the Listen – Decide process


Adjudicators resolve the dispute by deciding the outcome after listening to the people involved.

An adjudicator is an independent expert in the legal system who is experienced in resolving disputes. They resolve the dispute by listening to the learner and the tertiary education provider and then determining the outcome.

Listen – Decide

Listen - Decide is our adjudication service. It provides a timely, informal and accessible process that is normally used following our conciliation process. This is sometimes described as a process where people are trying to convince someone else (an independent adjudicator) that they are right and the other person involved in the dispute is wrong. The adjudicator listens to what people have to say and then the adjudicator decides the outcome of the dispute. This decision then become the resolution of the dispute.

Other Adjudication Services

We can also provide adjudication services using your own brand, or statutory language. Contact us if you'd like to talk further about this.

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