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Research Services

Deeper understanding of disputes

Much of the innovation that Simply Resolution has brought to the sector is founded by decades of research in New Zealand and around the world. People's experiences help inform research questions. These form the basis of research projects. Methodologies are developed and research is undertaken. The results are then published and inform innovation.

Building a research strategy

We can help your organisation design a strategy to support decision-making around research.

  • how will you work out what your research priorities are

  • who will do the research (will you build capacity, bring it into your organisation or fund external researchers (either directly or indirectly)

  • who can you partner with to do this

  • are you flexible enough to take advantage of opportunities

Understanding peoples experiences

There are a number of different frameworks and sources that can be used to consider peoples' experiences with dispute resolution systems:

  • Government Centre for Dispute Resolution Standards and maturity improvement framework

  • Evaluation against Legal Standards for example legislative or contractual requirements to identify or report on systemic issues experienced by users.

  • Surveys are feedback from users and potential users

  • Analysis of information using traditional or digital tools, including for example complaints or judgments

  • Evaluations, reviews and assessments

  • Media, social media and conferences

  • Academic research

There are many different ways that issues can be identified. Organisations then need to consider what issues will be responded to operationally and which would benefit from a deeper dive. It is important to involve users and potential users in these decision-making processes.

Building partnerships

Few organisations can do research alone, but we can help build partnerships with organisations that are interested in the future of justice services in Aotearoa. This includes:

We’re a trusted dispute resolution partner for some of New Zealands largest organisations